IVF Errors That Can Result in Serious Harm

More and more couples are turning to assisted reproductive technology (ART) to build their families. The most common form of ART is in-vitro fertilization (IVF), which accounts for more than 99% of ART procedures . IVF is when a doctor retrieves a woman’s eggs and then combines them with a… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Bicycle Accident

Rader Law Group attorney Howard Weitzner recently obtained a $250,000 policy limits tender for his client, a 75-year-old Boca Raton man, without having to file a lawsuit. Our client was injured while biking across a major roadway. A car failed to observe him in the crosswalk, striking his bike with… LEARN MORE

Can I Sue My Employer for Not Paying My Bonus?

In many fields, it’s common for an employer to offer employees compensation beyond their hourly or salaried rate. Many employees expect and rely on this bonus. If your employer decides not to pay a bonus this year, and you were counting on receiving this money, do you have any recourse? The… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Rear-end Crash

Attorney Howard Weitzner of the Rader Law Group obtain another policy limits tender for our 80 year old client injured in a rear-end crash. This was a relatively low property damage case, and our client, being of advanced age, predictably had some degenerative or age-related arthritic changes shown… LEARN MORE

The Most Common Business Fraud in Florida

As a business owner, you have devoted years to building your business, including hiring, training, and retaining high-performing employees, building up a network of reliable suppliers, and cultivating relationships with customers. Regrettably, though, there can be employees, suppliers, or customers… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Stairway Slip and Fall

Attorney Howard Weitzner of the Rader Law Group was able to successfully resolve a case involving a slip and fall at a condominium complex for $50,000.00. Our client, a resident of the condominium, exited her unit, unaware that the exterior of the building had been pressure washed. She slipped on… LEARN MORE

The Most Common Types of Breach of Contract in Business

As a business manager, you expect your vendors and customers to fulfill their end of the contracts that you make with them. If a supplier doesn’t deliver the materials that you were expecting, or a customer doesn’t pay for their order, your business suffers. When someone does not fulfill their… LEARN MORE

Tips to Help Stay Safe on New Year’s Eve

We’ve completed another trip around the sun so it’s time to welcome 2024! No matter how you decide to usher in the new year, you’ll want to do it safely. Sadly, many people start the evening celebrating with friends and family and end the night in the hospital emergency room.… LEARN MORE