Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Coral Springs

When you are injured through the carelessness of others, you are entitled to full and fair payment for the harms and losses you suffer. Whether you are the victim of a car accident, slip and fall or negligent security, the best way to obtain that justice is by hiring an attorney with the skills and experience to fight for your rights.

The attorneys of Rader Law Group, LLC have been aggressively handling personal injury cases for decades. Our expertise runs from understanding all types of injuries to figuring out how an injury occurred. When necessary, we engage engineers, event reconstructions, and every necessary type of medical provider. The goal is simple: to obtain as much money for our clients as possible.

We never like to see people get injured. But we know it happens. And when it does, we want to make sure the victims get the justice they deserve.

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Personal Injury Cases

Accidents Happen. When They Do, We Make
Sure the At-Fault Party is Held Responsible

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A Proven Track Record of Victories

    • $4M Pedestrian Auto Accident
    • $2.9M Medical Malpractice
    • $2.7M Nursing Home Abuse
    • $2M Trucking Accident
    • $1.8M Trucking Accident
    • $1.6M Golf Cart Accident
    • $1.5M Defective Aerial Lift
    • $1M Slip and Fall
    • $1M Motorcycle Accident

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