Personal Injury Cases Involving Medical Malpractice Cases

According to the National Institutes of Health, medical malpractice (incompetent treatment) is a leading cause of death. We trust that our doctors and hospitals are trained and will give us the best treatment possible. We accept and trust their prescriptions, recommendations, scalpels and procedures. Unfortunately, sometimes the care given is substandard and the doctor or hospital inflicts major harm on us due to incompetence.

Many people think that doctors are required to carry medical malpractice insurance. Often, this is not true. Instead, many doctors do not carry insurance and, worse, protect assets so that even if a harmed patient were to prove that the doctor acted incompetently and obtained a judgment, there would be no way to recover the money. The doctor is supposed to be able to pay a judgment, but often they cannot. The law does, however, require that doctors who do not carry insurance post that fact in their waiting room.

We highly recommend that patients avoid physicians who do not carry insurance. Physicians, like the rest of us, must pay for the harm they cause to others. Carrying insurance is, in our opinion, the moral obligation of physicians, just as we believe that motorists should carry insurance in case they hurt other people.

At Rader Law Group, we have handled many, many cases and achieved excellent recoveries for patients victimized by doctors.

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