Telemedicine in the Age of COVID-19

In this special to Lifestyle Media Group, Andrew J. Rader, Esq., of Rader Law Group offers insights on how Florida’s telemedicine laws may affect lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more on Rader Law Group, which has locations in Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek and Coral Springs, visit the… LEARN MORE

Around Town: Serving The Community

Digital Editions ePUBLISHER is a self-ePublishing platform that provides the ability to instantly create digital editions, 'on the fly' while encompassing Rich Media across the publication. Our digital publisher is designed to assist in reducing the dependency on paper and at the same time… LEARN MORE

Around Town: For the Kids

Our Online version of the Digital Edition no longer requires an Adobe Flash reader but retains all of the Rich Media features (videos, sound, page and website links) that have been so popular in our previous version. Giving you an optimised viewing experience on every device, from PC, netbooks,… LEARN MORE

Just OK Is Not OK: Why Employing Experts Is Essential for Success

In my practice as a personal injury trial attorney, I have learned that it’s important to know when you need an expert. I can read a traffic crash report, speak to witnesses and the investigating police officers, and analyze photographs, but an accident-reconstruction engineer is the only person… LEARN MORE

Daily News Summary: Don’t Hire A Billboard. Hire An Attorney.

The purpose of this summary provided by the Communications Department of The Florida Bar is to present media coverage that may be of interest to members. Opinions expressed in the articles are attributable solely to the authors. The Florida Bar does not adopt or endorse any opinions expressed… LEARN MORE

Don’t Hire A Billboard. Hire An Attorney.

Though many lawyers often speak of the ethical implications of attorney advertising—and rail against the larger firms with seemingly limitless resources to execute formal campaigns—their nobility and pride often give way to the harsh reality of the… LEARN MORE