Personal Injury Cases Involving Cut and Laceration Injuries

Lacerations or cuts to the skin, may be superficial or deep. Scarring may occur which, if on the face, hand or part of the body where skin moves a lot (for example, the palm), may be psychologically or functionally devastating.

It is easy to understand how a single deep penetrating laceration can be life threatening, but incidents that cause lacerations may not be isolated to just one or two cuts. In fact, many lacerations include multiple cuts that can range in severity, (such as when a windshield shatters into the face); some of which can pose significant injuries which can affect the victim’s overall health in both the short-term and long-term. More often than not, these wounds will require professional medical attention ranging from plastic surgery, to treatment for further nerve and/or ligament damage.

The most common treatments for severe cuts and lacerations are ointments, stitching up of the wounds and the administration of antibiotic treatments. If the injuries are more severe, the patient may undergo blood transfusions to replace blood loss and or skin grafting to allow the wound(s) to heal properly. In the most severe cases, medical professionals are faced with the last resort treatment option of amputation to prevent infection or other life threatening conditions.

These injuries often require an extensive recovery process which can include medication to prevent infection, bandaging to ensure proper healing and physical therapy to regain range of motion after ligament damage. All of which causes extensive downtime and loss of work; resulting in wage loss and emotional strain on the victim.

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