Personal Injury Cases Involving Reproductive or Fertility Injuries

It is devastating to learn that your dream of starting or expanding your family is not an option. This becomes even more painful if the loss is due to the result of someone else’s negligence. Reproductive injuries resulting in trauma caused by an accident or medical malpractice are more common than most people think.

Trauma suffered by a physical injury can lead to permanent dysfunction of the genitals and reproductive organs in both men and women. Men can suffer issues such as erectile dysfunction of the penis or severe trauma to testicles which can lead to sterilization. Women can suffer sever uterine, ovarian and vaginal trauma which can lead to infertility.

Another common cause for infertility is the result of negligent medical care at the hands of a trusted medical professional or fertility clinic. It is very common today for couples to try and prolong their fertility with dreams to start a family later in life. This is when they turn to IVF treatments and fertility doctors for help, and in most situations they have tremendous success. However, sometimes these dreams become nightmares due to negligence that leads to infertility or improperly stored eggs or embryos that results in the couple’s inability to reproduce.

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