Settlement Questions

How much should I sue for personal injury?

In Florida we do not necessarily state a particular amount of damages when we file a lawsuit. The amount is determined by the level of injury and fault and usually is done if the case goes into litigation by a jury. We have regular conversations with you, the client, about the relative value of your case, given the facts and circumstances of your claim. We use a variety of factors to evaluate a case and assist in determining what we should be seeking to recover for you.

How much money will I get from my auto collision settlement?

The net amount you receive will be based on several factors: the settlement amount, your contracted attorneys’ fee with your attorney, any outstanding medical bills owed, and other liens that need to be paid.

How are auto collision settlements calculated?

Every case is different. Every plaintiff is different. However, it is only the skilled and experienced attorney who can make sure that you receive top dollar for your settlement. At Rader Law Group we have many, many years of experience and a great reputation among insurance companies that allows us to secure excellent recoveries for our clients.