Driving Alongside Trucks

DON’T DRIVE ALONGSIDE TRUCKS!! Caution is the key to safe travel. The unpredictability of another driver’s next move calls for uninterrupted focus of your surroundings. This is particularly true when sharing the road with big, scary trucks.  This fear is well-founded, especially… LEARN MORE

Keeping Your Pet Safe on The Road

The holiday’s that recently passed may have been a time to welcome a new four-legged friend into the family. For some, taking your fur baby to accompany you outside of your home makes your adventure all the more fun. You may not think twice about opening the door to allow your… LEARN MORE

Car Accidents Caused by Defective Automobiles

When you purchase a vehicle, you trust that it has undergone all standard safety tests required by law, and has passed. While engineers are making daily advancements in the production of vehicles with safety in mind, sometimes these new designs are flawed and will malfunction, which can lead to an… LEARN MORE

Construction Worker Loses Arm In Hillsboro Beach Accident

In recent news, a construction worker lost his arm after an industrial accident occurred in Hillsboro Beach, FL. While working with an industrial auger, the man’s arm became trapped and resulted in the severing of his limb. Thankfully, the Hillsboro Beach Police Department were able to apply a… LEARN MORE

Drunk Driving During The Holidays

As we welcome this year’s holiday season, we prepare for an increase in family gatherings and embrace these last few months as a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. The dangers associated with the holiday season are often overlooked.  Among the family parties and holiday dinners,… LEARN MORE

Get Safe Online Week – The Dangers of Social Media

Social media has gained popularity and interest immensely over the past several years. What was once something used as a private platform to interact with close friends and family, has now evolved into the means of communication, business, and all areas in between on a very public scale. More… LEARN MORE

Teen Driver Safety

Your child turns 16. She passes her driver’s test and receives a car for her birthday. Before you hand over the keys, are both you and your new driver aware of the safety risks she will face as a teen on the road? In October 2007, after several serious auto accidents involving Pennsylvania… LEARN MORE

Dangers of a Passenger’s Feet on the Dashboard

Most of us have (or will) take a long road trip at some point. A common practice for the front seat passenger is to relax, recline their seat and put their feet on the dashboard. Seems comfortable and safe enough, right? Wrong! An airbag, normally considered a safety feature, deploys between 100… LEARN MORE

What Are The Basics of a Personal Injury Case?

Have you or someone you love been harmed by the carelessness or neglect of others? It may be in your best interest to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for the significant losses you have suffered every day for your injuries. Before pursuing a case, here are some answers to… LEARN MORE