My Business Partner is Stealing. What Should I Do?

If you built a business with a trusted partner and then discovered they are stealing from you, the disbelief, anger, and betrayal can feel overwhelming. Once you recover from the initial shock, you need to act swiftly to protect yourself and your business. Your partner has a fiduciary duty to the… LEARN MORE

I Fell on My Cruise to the Caribbean; What Are My Rights?

Cruising is one of the most popular ways to see the world. But what happens if the trip doesn’t go as planned? While most cruisers create lifelong positive memories, the opposite can happen as well. Every year, passengers are injured, often by slip and fall accidents, on their long-anticipated… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Auto Accident and Loss of Earnings

Rader Law Group settles case for Tennis Player One of Rader Law Group’s many clients was a professional tennis player who was innocently sitting at a light when two other cars crashed, and ultimately crashed into her. Her injuries put her out of commission for tennis as she was treated by an… LEARN MORE

Best and Worst Cities for Biking in South Florida

South Florida is a popular destination for cycling by the beach, however, as many local cyclists already know, our area offers so much more than beach boardwalks for cycling. Following are our suggestions for some beautiful bicycle rides, as well as an area you might want to reconsider before… LEARN MORE

Rader Law Group Expands Business Litigation Practice

Recognizing a growing need for local businesses and individuals wronged in commercial transactions, the busy Coral Springs trial lawyers of Rader Law Group, LLC, have announced the expansion of their business litigation division. “Following the pandemic shutdown, and now with inflation running… LEARN MORE