Can I Sue My Employer for Not Paying My Bonus?

In many fields, it’s common for an employer to offer employees compensation beyond their hourly or salaried rate. Many employees expect and rely on this bonus. If your employer decides not to pay a bonus this year, and you were counting on receiving this money, do you have any recourse? The… LEARN MORE

The Most Common Business Fraud in Florida

As a business owner, you have devoted years to building your business, including hiring, training, and retaining high-performing employees, building up a network of reliable suppliers, and cultivating relationships with customers. Regrettably, though, there can be employees, suppliers, or customers… LEARN MORE

The Most Common Types of Breach of Contract in Business

As a business manager, you expect your vendors and customers to fulfill their end of the contracts that you make with them. If a supplier doesn’t deliver the materials that you were expecting, or a customer doesn’t pay for their order, your business suffers. When someone does not fulfill their… LEARN MORE

My Business Partner is Stealing. What Should I Do?

If you built a business with a trusted partner and then discovered they are stealing from you, the disbelief, anger, and betrayal can feel overwhelming. Once you recover from the initial shock, you need to act swiftly to protect yourself and your business. Your partner has a fiduciary duty to the… LEARN MORE

Rader Law Group Expands Business Litigation Practice

Recognizing a growing need for local businesses and individuals wronged in commercial transactions, the busy Coral Springs trial lawyers of Rader Law Group, LLC, have announced the expansion of their business litigation division. “Following the pandemic shutdown, and now with inflation running… LEARN MORE