New Florida Court Trial Procedures

In response to the Florida Supreme Court’s Order dated April 13, 2021 which drastically changes compliance with the administrative rules that govern how Civil cases are to be handled across the state, The Circuit Court of Broward County recently issued its Administrative Order 2021-19-Civ, which… LEARN MORE

The Referral Process With Rader Law Group

Rader Law Group prides itself on its strong working relationships with other law firms. Whether a personal injury case is outside of your area of practice, the case is too complex, or you simply do not have the manpower to try the case, you may look to refer it out to another law firm. If you… LEARN MORE

Florida’s New And Dangerous TeleMedicine Law

There was a time, not too long ago, when going to your doctor meant you were going to see someone who had known you over the years and had seen you healthy and ailing.   Your doctor knew you as a person and brought a level of observation and intuition into the treatment room that was far… LEARN MORE

Contingent Legal Fees For Business

No business wants litigation.  It is time consuming, aggravating and unpredictable.  It doesn’t forward your business purpose; to the contrary, it causes heartburn when you wake up.  But most importantly, it opens up a black hole into which endless attorney’s fees seem to get sucked in. … LEARN MORE

What is Negligence?

Negligence cases like automobile accidents seem straight forward to most lay people. If a car is sitting at a red light and gets hit from behind by another car, one would easily say that the person that caused the crash was negligent. But what does that word “negligent” really mean in the… LEARN MORE

Rader Law Group Explains The Path to Trial

It's not The Good Wife. You know, that TV show where a client comes in at the beginning of the show, explains their problem and then before the show ends they are in a trial. And the trials themselves are not like what they portray on TV either. You see the actors in the middle of trial and then,… LEARN MORE

What Happens After My Attorney Files a Lawsuit?

After your attorney files your lawsuit (a Complaint) in the Court, the Defendant(s) will be tracked down and the Complaint and suit papers will be literally hand delivered to them (service of process).  The Defendant will then have 20 days to respond or “Answer” the Complaint. Both… LEARN MORE