The Referral Process With Rader Law Group

Rader Law Group prides itself on its strong working relationships with other law firms. Whether a personal injury case is outside of your area of practice, the case is too complex, or you simply do not have the manpower to try the case, you may look to refer it out to another law firm. If you… LEARN MORE

Your Justice Starts Here

Rader Law Group is committed to bringing our clients the justice they deserve. In our combined 75 years of practice, we have learned that justice comes in many different forms and has different meanings to everyone. We take great pride in using our strength, integrity and experience to fight for… LEARN MORE

What Happened to Balance?

Recently there was an article published by the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board on declaiming “Gov. Ron DeSantis stiffs Florida Bar to stack courts with hard-right judges.” The article highlights the fact that the Governor “recently rejected the Florida Bar’s nominations for lawyers to… LEARN MORE

So You Think You Favor Tort Reform? Think Again.

The business community and chambers of commerce rant against the tort system, claiming that we need tort reform because of the obscene amount of money all those frivolous cases are costing, driving up consumer prices and insurance premiums.  Tort reform has been the drum beat… LEARN MORE

The Bed Rail Case

I was contacted by a new client who was grief stricken over the loss of his 92-year-old mother. His mother, who was bedridden in a nursing home setting was found dead, the bed rail trapping her head between the bottom of the rail and the mattress. She had become entrapped by the bed itself and… LEARN MORE

Have You Ever Heard of Ciguatera?

“Ciguatera is a food-born illness (food poisoning) caused by eating fish that is contaminated by ciguatera toxin. Ciguatera toxin is a heat-stable lipid soluble compound, produced by dinoflagellates and concentrated in fish organs, that can cause nausea, pain, cardiac,… LEARN MORE