Personal Injury Cases Involving Bicycle Accidents

Watch How You Ride!! Bikes Are Dangerous!!

Have you or a loved one been injured while riding a bicycle? If so, you deserve fair compensation.

Of the 1,024 bicyclist deaths in 2018, 682 died in motor-vehicle crashes and 342 in other incidents, according to National Center for Health Statistics mortality data. Males accounted for 87% of all bicycle deaths, over six times the fatalities for females. Florida is by far the most deadly state for cyclists.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents:

  • Car collisions
  • Elderly Drivers
  • Poor roadway/walkway conditions
  • Tourists unfamiliar with roads
  • Distractions
  • Crashes/collisions of any kind
  • Animal related falls

Car collisions are a staggering 30% of cause of bicycle accident in 2019.

There is a common misconception that the road rules do not apply to cyclists as they do to motorists, but that is simply not the case. Same road, Same rules. Still, bicyclists are more like pedestrians, and they are generally entitled to the right of way.

Car drivers need to be careful of bicyclists, because when they’re not, bicyclists get badly hurt or killed. Should you or a loved one suffer from the carelessness of another person, we’re here to help.

At Rader Law Group, we will fight for you and represent you for the injuries you have sustained. Most lawsuits have a limited time frame in which you can file before you waive your rights to seek possible compensation, so it is very important to act quickly. Contact us at (954) 913-CASE (2273) for your complimentary consultation regarding your bicycle accident.