Case Verdict – Auto Accident and Loss of Earnings

Rader Law Group settles case for Tennis Player One of Rader Law Group’s many clients was a professional tennis player who was innocently sitting at a light when two other cars crashed, and ultimately crashed into her. Her injuries put her out of commission for tennis as she was treated by an… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Bicycle Accident

A young man was riding his bike in South Miami when a motorist, failing to pay attention to her surroundings, pulled out from a shopping center and struck him, sending him flying over the hood of her car, violently landing on the street. The at-fault driver immediately exited her vehicle and yelled… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Client Fraud Recovery

Rader Law Group’s commercial litigation division continues to achieve positive results for its clients, as attorney Howard Weitzner successfully recovered $27,000.00 for his client, an independent businessman who was defrauded out of a down payment on a work vehicle. After placing the deposit… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Bodily Injury Claim

Howard Weitzner, an attorney with Rader Law Group, recently resolved the bodily injury claim of his injured client in just over one month. Our client, a young professional in Orlando, was hit in a significant T-bone crash while driving her infant daughter to school. She suffered injuries to her… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Auto Accident Case Involving Spinal Injuries

Rader Law Group Attorney Howard Weitzner made the start to the new year a successful and happy one for two of his clients, obtaining the full insurance policy limits for each of them in their respective auto accident cases this week. Though every case we handle is unique and we tailor our approach… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Rear-end Crash in Cooper City

Rader Law Group settled another case for policy limits! Our client, Denise, was hit from behind in traffic in Cooper City. Unfortunately, she suffered significant injuries to her neck and back. Though she tried everything to get better over the course of 15 months, from therapy to injections to… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Vehicle Dealership Lease Contract Dispute

In a case where our client leased a car for three years, the car dealership was refusing to sell the car for what the lease agreement said the payout was to be on our client’s lease. Board Certified attorney Andrew Rader wasn’t having any of that. He stepped in and after engaging the… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Rear-end Car Crash Pre-suit Settlement

Rader Law Group attorney Howard Weitzner recently obtained a $71,000.00 pre-suit settlement for our lovely client who was injured a rear-end car crash. Our client suffered an extreme aggravation of her pre-existing back and neck injuries, as well as her anxiety and depression. By diligently… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Boca Raton Auto Accident

Rader Law Group attorney Howard Weitzner recovered $475,000.00 for our client injured in Boca Raton car crash. Our client was approaching a traffic light in the left-hand turn lane when the at fault driver suddenly merged into her lane from the right, causing serious injuries to her neck and back.… LEARN MORE