Case Verdict – Bicycle Accident

Rader Law Group attorney Howard Weitzner recently obtained a $250,000 policy limits tender for his client, a 75-year-old Boca Raton man, without having to file a lawsuit. Our client was injured while biking across a major roadway. A car failed to observe him in the crosswalk, striking his bike with… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Rear-end Crash

Attorney Howard Weitzner of the Rader Law Group obtain another policy limits tender for our 80 year old client injured in a rear-end crash. This was a relatively low property damage case, and our client, being of advanced age, predictably had some degenerative or age-related arthritic changes shown… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Stairway Slip and Fall

Attorney Howard Weitzner of the Rader Law Group was able to successfully resolve a case involving a slip and fall at a condominium complex for $50,000.00. Our client, a resident of the condominium, exited her unit, unaware that the exterior of the building had been pressure washed. She slipped on… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Pre-existing Injuries

One of the arguments we constantly hear from insurance companies and defense attorneys has to do with other incidents and injuries our clients may have sustained before the case at issue. They claim that all injuries are from before the crash and have nothing to do with the crash caused by their… LEARN MORE

Auto Dealership Fraud

Your lease is up and you want to buy out your car. When you go in to the dealership, you’re told that there are some additional fees which, unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do about. Too bad; so sorry that the dealership has to extract more money from you before you can have the car… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Hit and Run Crash

Rader Law Group attorney Howard Weitzner recently resolved a car crash case for $260,000.00, without filing a lawsuit. Our client was the victim of a hit and run crash. The at fault driver sped through a red traffic light and hit our client at a high rate of speed, totaling his car. The at fault… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Auto Accident and Loss of Earnings

Rader Law Group settles case for Tennis Player One of Rader Law Group’s many clients was a professional tennis player who was innocently sitting at a light when two other cars crashed, and ultimately crashed into her. Her injuries put her out of commission for tennis as she was treated by an… LEARN MORE

Case Verdict – Bicycle Accident

A young man was riding his bike in South Miami when a motorist, failing to pay attention to her surroundings, pulled out from a shopping center and struck him, sending him flying over the hood of her car, violently landing on the street. The at-fault driver immediately exited her vehicle and yelled… LEARN MORE