A lot of personal injury lawyers seem to only care about the bottom line. These lawyers may take on a case not caring if they win or lose, going through any means necessary to maximize their own profits without caring for the clients. We handle things a little differently at Rader Law Group, LLC. We know that each client we represent has suffered a great trauma which has brought them to our doors. We work hard, treating our clients with respect and sensitivity while working towards getting them the most appropriate settlement possible.

Rader Law Group, LLC your most compassionate choice for an injury attorney because we aim to dedicate personalized attention to each one of our clients. We recognize that personal injuries are often traumatic events. If your case is accepted, you’ll be in the hands of truly dedicated and reputable personal injury attorneys. We can assist you in obtaining the proper medical attention for your specific sufferings and fight for reimbursement for your medical expenses. The dedicated attorneys will even attempt to recover your income losses which have resulted from the injury.

It’s important to contact experienced attorneys as soon as possible after you’re injured. Working solely with your insurance company in the instance of an injury can be harmful to not only your claim, but to your finances as well. This is because some insurance companies may pressure you into prematurely settling your claim. Insurance companies profit by paying out as little as possible on claims, so it’s in their best interest to settle your claim quickly for the smallest payout feasible.

Injuries can happen every day, and there are a lot of personal injury law firms out there, but there’s only one Rader Law Group, LLC! We pride ourselves on strength, integrity and experience. We bring each of these qualities to the table when working with our clients. We function with the utmost integrity, driven by our moral obligations to settle cases for full and fair value while never letting a case languish on the shelf. We bring over 50 years of combined experience to the table, with numerous successful prior verdicts and settlements in the books. We work with unrelenting strength, striving for excellence and giving our clients the personal attention they deserve.

Our team is dedicated to working with clients across a wide range of injury circumstances.  Our trial attorneys can assist people who are experiencing pain and suffering from many situations. Some of our practice areas include:

-Personal Injury
-Automobile Accidents
-Workplace Accidents
-Dog Bites
-Wrongful Death
-Brain Injury

If Rader Law Group, LLC accepts your case, you can rest assured that it will be energetically, proactively and creatively prosecuted. Our practice considers your case from every aspect, working towards the best resolution for you, our valued client. There are many personal injury attorneys, but only one team that’s truly dedicated to finding you the best settlement possible. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today!

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