I Fell on My Cruise to the Caribbean; What Are My Rights?

Cruising is one of the most popular ways to see the world. But what happens if the trip doesn’t go as planned? While most cruisers create lifelong positive memories, the opposite can happen as well. Every year, passengers are injured, often by slip and fall accidents, on their long-anticipated… LEARN MORE

Keeping Your Teen Safe on Prom Night

Prom: the pinnacle of the high school social scene. Chances are your high school senior has been looking forward to this day since September, picking out what they will wear, who they will ask, and whose afterparty they will attend. With all the excitement bubbling, it’s easy to focus on the fun… LEARN MORE

Protecting Your Business from a Negligent Security Claim

Business owners need to ensure that their customers are safe. From a sales perspective, if customers don’t feel safe at a business, they won’t want to come and patronize it. From a legal perspective, keeping customers safe helps minimize the risk of having to defend against a negligent security… LEARN MORE

I Was in a Minor Accident… Do I Still Need to Hire an Attorney?

You were a few short blocks from home when a distracted driver hit the back of your car. They were traveling slightly above the speed limit, and at the time of crash, it appeared that nobody was injured and the cars had just some damage. Nonetheless, you called the police, filed a police report,… LEARN MORE

Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries

It started as a day like any other. You ran some errands and met friends for lunch. But, in an instant, your life changed. While descending the stairs at the restaurant, you tripped, rolled down the stairs, and hit your head on the concrete. Your friend called for an ambulance, which rushed you to… LEARN MORE

I Slipped and Fell on a Sidewalk. Can I Sue? Who Is Liable?

For some people, slip/trip and fall accidents are merely annoying – you might feel embarrassed and uncomfortable from some cuts or black and blue marks, but otherwise you are fine. Not everyone is so lucky though. For others, especially the elderly, a slip/trip and fall can be a life-changing… LEARN MORE

What Is A Slip and Fall Premises Liability?

People slip and fall in a public place, like a supermarket or department store every day. Many times, these falls are caused by what we call a transitory foreign substance. In basic terms, this is something that you find on the floor that should not be there and can either be moved, removed or… LEARN MORE

My Child Was Injured At The Pool. What Are My Rights?

Summer’s here! Nothing beats an afternoon splashing in the pool. Sadly though, every single day in the U.S., 33 people have a tragic ending to this activity; 11 die by drowning and another 22 experience a nonfatal drowning, which can lead to life-altering consequences . Here in South Florida,… LEARN MORE