As personal injury attorneys, we aggressively pursue justice for our clients and fight for them to receive all the compensation that they are owed. Sometimes, though, personal injury victims can unintentionally make mistakes that compromise their ability to receive damages for their injuries. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence and are pursuing or considering pursuing a claim against them for damages, keep these tips in mind:

Mistake: Not calling the police after an accident.
Better Solution: Always call 9-1-1 after an accident so the police can inspect the scene and write up a police report. The police report will be a key piece of evidence in your personal injury claim.

Mistake: Apologizing for a car accident.
Better Solution: Never apologize, even if you think you are partially at fault. This runs counter to many people’s human nature, but insurance companies and the courts interpret an apology as an admission of fault, which can invalidate your ability to collect damages. Instead of saying “I’m sorry,” a better choice would be “Do you want me to call for an ambulance?”

Mistake: Avoiding the doctor.
Better Solution: Seek medical attention right away, even if you don’t think you are injured. Your PIP insurance requires that you see a medical professional within 14 days if you want to pursue an injury claim. However, 14 days is a long time to wait – the longer that you wait to seek medical attention, the easier it will be for the opposing side to claim that your injuries were caused by something other than the accident.

Mistake: Missing follow-up doctor’s appointments.
Better Solution: Keep all follow-up appointments with your doctor, physical therapist, etc. and fill and take any prescriptions. This will provide evidence of your commitment to recovery.

Mistake: Chronicling your accident on social media.
Better Solution: Do not post anything about your accident on social media, even on private accounts. It’s also best to take a social media hiatus while your claim is in process. Even if you think a post is harmless, the other side could use it to try and show that your injuries are not as severe as you are claiming.

Mistake: Not disclosing the full truth to your attorney.
Better Solution: Your attorney needs accurate information to represent your case. If you have any pre-existing conditions, if there is any relevant history between you and the person who injured you, or if there is anything else that you are not sure if the attorney should know, make sure to tell them. If the other side digs up some information about you that your attorney is unprepared for, it could jeopardize your case.

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