Bicyclists are at a higher risk of injury than other drivers on the road, especially in urban areas, where 93% of all fatal bike accidents in Florida occur. Even when not fatal, bicycle accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that can take months or years to recover from and impact a bicyclist’s ability to earn a living and care for themselves daily.

One of the most common causes of bicycle accidents is speeding by other drivers. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that 64% of bicycle accidents occur on sections of road that are not near intersections since motorists are driving faster in these areas . The drivers may not have time to slow down or change lanes if they see a bicyclist. If a car or truck driver hits a bicyclist while driving at a high speed, the bicyclist will likely have severe injuries or die.

Impaired drivers are another threat to bicyclists. Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol may misjudge the distance between themselves and the bicyclist, have a slower reaction time if they see a bike on the road, or may not even realize the bicyclist is there. Impaired drivers are a hazard to all vehicles on the road, but they are especially dangerous for bicyclists due to the lack of protection that a bike offers compared to a car.

A threat similar to impaired driving is distracted driving. A driver in a car may be distracted by texting, changing radio stations, or focusing too much on the passengers in the car and too little on the road. An inattentive driver is a dangerous driver, especially to cyclists.

Fatal bicycle accidents are more likely to occur at night. In 2021 in Florida, 59% of all bicycle accidents happened at nighttime. Bad weather also increases risk for bicyclists. In addition to the road being slick, rain and fog decreases visibility, so drivers may not even see the bicyclist before colliding. To help minimize the risk of these types of accidents, it’s best to avoid bicycling in inclement weather and at night. If you have no choice but to ride your bicycle in these conditions, make sure to wear reflective clothing and outfit your bike with front lights and rear red lights to make your presence known to drivers.

Regardless of the weather or time of day, the most important step you can take to stay safe while bicycling is to wear a helmet. This one step may save your life if you are in an accident.

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