One of the arguments we constantly hear from insurance companies and defense attorneys has to do with other incidents and injuries our clients may have sustained before the case at issue. They claim that all injuries are from before the crash and have nothing to do with the crash caused by their insured. Fortunately, the law in Florida allows for compensation for an aggravation of pre-existing injuries, you just have to be prepared to prove it. Rader Law Group recently had a client who was driving a work van and was hit from behind by an 18-wheeler. The crash aggravated his preexisting injury, requiring additional orthopedic care and therapy. Rader Law Group, despite the client’s extensive past similar pre-existing conditions, was able to successfully settle the case and had another very happy client.

Every Case is Personal

For you, this is everything. You were wronged and it wasn’t your fault. At Rader Law Group, we know this.

We know that your collision effects every aspect of your life, and that every case we handle represents your life. The path to justice is an emotional one. You are angry and maybe a little bit scared, not to mention physically hurt, and it is our responsibility to protect you and to insist that you get the justice you deserve. With decades of combined experience, we take those duties very seriously.

We work every single case as if it were our only case. We treat every single client like family, providing you with the shoulder to cry on when you need it and the ear to listen when it seems like no one else will. Meanwhile, we are your champion, aggressively fighting for your rights and protecting you when the wrongdoer, insurance company and their lawyers refuse to accept responsibility for the harm they inflicted, and you suffered. We don’t pass the work on to inexperienced associates, and we will fight right through trial if necessary. Because we know how important this is for you.

Please excuse us when we take your case, and your success, personally. Your Justice Starts Here.

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