Rader Law Group Attorney Howard Weitzner made the start to the new year a successful and happy one for two of his clients, obtaining the full insurance policy limits for each of them in their respective auto accident cases this week. Though every case we handle is unique and we tailor our approach to meet the individual needs of our clients, there were some important similarities that these two cases shared.
In each of these cases, our clients suffered injuries to their spine requiring what is known as interventional pain management. In simpler terms, after undergoing some conservative physical and chiropractic therapy and having MRIs performed to determine the extent of their injuries, our clients received treatment from pain management specialists in the form of injections to help alleviate their back and neck pain.

Each client was also faced with the unfortunate situation where the at-fault driver, the tortfeasor, had no bodily injury coverage. This means that in both cases, the at-fault driver had no available insurance to reimburse our clients for their medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, mental anguish and other harms and losses. Fortunately, each client had the foresight to have their own insurance called uninsured motorist protection or UM. This is the automobile insurance one carries to stand in the shoes of the at-fault driver if he or she either did not have any or enough insurance to fully and fairly compensate an injured party in a car crash. When the other driver is uninsured, with UM, your insurance company will become responsible to pay those damages you incur as a result of the crash.
Here, after initial denials or paltry offers, Mr. Weitzner’s persistence and refusal to back down helped his clients obtain the full policy limits from their uninsured motorist carriers, giving them the justice and results they deserved. Mr. Weitzner provided each insurance carrier with the information and argument necessary to fully and fairly evaluate these claims, which settled without the need to file a lawsuit. One of the cases was settled in just over three months.

Rader Law Group, LLC

At Rader Law Group, we like to say that your justice starts here. We believe that our client’s path to a full and meaningful recovery begins with hiring competent, experienced and accessible legal counsel that they can count on and with whom they can have honest conversations. The ability to obtain justice, however, begins with having the right insurance coverage. In South Florida, some studies estimate that more than 1/3 of driver of uninsured, with even more being underinsured. We are in the midst of a true insurance crisis. When the at-fault driver has no insurance and our client does not have uninsured motorist coverage, there is often little if anything we can do. It is essential for South Florida drivers to properly protect themselves and their families by purchasing auto insurance policies with uninsured motorist protection.

To learn more about how your rights may be affected by different types of insurance, or to learn more about what to do after an accident, you can contact Howard Weitzner and the injury attorneys of Rader Law Group at 954-913-2273.

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